Sourcing & Manufacturing

Building products for performance, reliability and low cost—anywhere in the world

At Sensus Consulting, we understand that where an audio product is made is sometimes just as important as how it is made.

In our product development and manufacturing work, we have collaborated closely with manufacturers on four continents: Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. No matter where a supplier may reside, we “speak the language.” We understand the local business practices and customs, and know how to get things done in a way that consultants who work only in one region cannot.

Sensus Consulting can perform many different services to help you bring your product from design to reality:

Deciding on the best region for manufacturing
Finding the right manufacturer for your product within that region
Locating the best sources for components
Assuring that your products are—and continue to be—built to your specs
Getting your products from the factory into distribution
Coordinating multiple suppliers to deliver your finished product

Whether you seek to build a mass-distribution product targeted at price-sensitive consumers; a boutique high-end product in which branding and manufacturing is a major part of the story; or something in between, Sensus Consulting will help you get it done right, get it done fast, and get it done at a cost your accounting team will like.