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Jeffrey Smith hails from Wyoming and graduated from the United States Naval Academy with degree in engineering. His tours of duty included posts in which he worked with the acoustic environment of some of the world's oceans, specifically as an anti-submarine warfare officer on both a frigate and a destroyer. He also served as an instructor at a combat training facility and participated in Operations Desert Storm and Southern Watch, among others.

After leaving active duty, Jeff was able to devote more time to his audiophile hobby, including designing and building some of his own components. As a purist, he was not in search of a particular "sound". Instead, his goal was to create a system which, with the logical application of engineering and physics principals, would convey the music from source to speaker with the least degradation possible - a system which would bring the listener closer to the live event than ever before.

In pursuit of his goal, Jeff realized that it is possible to create a nearly ideal audio cable, one without the sonic trade-offs of previous designs. He founded Silversmith Audio in January 2000 and began a new generation of cable design. The Silversmith Audio SILVER and PALLADIUM lines of cables represent the realization of his goal.

In December 2002, Lieutenant Jeffrey Smith was recalled to active duty as the Weapons Officer for a Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit and was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq for nine months in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. He was promoted to his current rank of Lieutenant Commander during this tour. Silversmith Audio closed during his absence but re-opened in October 2003 to once again produce what are considered by many to be the world's premier lines of audio cables.

Silversmith Audio
San Diego, CA USA
tel: +1 619.460.1129