TIDAL was founded 1999 by Jörn Janczak, when he was 24 years old. he just had one main goal: to build the best speakers in the world. Not defined by building the biggest ones, not defined by building the most expensive ones. And for sure he never intended to create the most famous brand in the world. Just the finest at all.

Granted, in a market where many manufacturers make similar claims or simply state that a product is worthy of high regard due to sheer weight, size and price, this philosophy may seem naive. However, one needs to adopt this demanding philosophy as a benchmark to create extraordinary products with the understanding that "the best hi-fi component in the world" will never exist, because it goes hand in hand with talking about how one likes to hear - and this is and will be always a subjective experience, influenced by used habits and different tastes.

The fact that we also developed reference quality amplifiers, with the same driving philosophy of creating the best, shows that TIDAL is growing and developing.

So, today, after 14 years of hard work and passion he can look back and feel deeply satisfied about fulfilling his dream when he started, and what incontestable reputation they had created with TIDAL.

Enthusiastic clients and writers worldwide enjoy our exclusive handcrafted masterpieces. Their satisfaction and references helped us garner an excellent reputation and confirmed that TIDAL Audio creates world-class equipment, handmade in Germany.

Tidal Audio GmbH
Immendorfer Strasse 1
50354 Hurth Germany

tel: +49 (22 33) 966 92 25