About Sensus

We are the premier Australian high end HiFi dealer. We are not pretentious or arrogant we are simply stating a fact. Does that mean that we sell the most equipment or have the highest turnover? NO, it means that we have the experience and knowledge to bring you closer to the sound of real musical instruments. Many of our manufacturers compare their products to live musicians because they feel that comparison with their peers is now pointless, we agree.

I have a passion for live music and listen as often as possible because I love music, the Continuum Caliburn has closed the gab between real musicians and recorded to a narrow margin, this may just be the last major advance in the art of vinyl replay.

Real music stirs the soul and brings forth an emotional response, if your system doesn’t do this then it isn’t doing the job, its not about soundstage or ultra detail retrieval, its about performance, nuance and joy.

Why we don’t trade from a high street location!
Some dealers put us down to customers because we do not trade from a high street location, there are several reasons for this.

Firstly the products that we sell are not of commercial interest to most of the population, we don’t anticipate that we would get many walk in clients who would spend the kind of money that our products retail at.

Secondly we would rather setup a specific system to its optimum for our clients to listen to, we are not in the business of setting up a system for a quick demonstration and giving the customer only 80% of the performance. That would be disrespectful to the customer and to the designer of the equipment. Good setup takes time, preparation and experience.

We have a base of customers who respect the service that we provide and would not like to see it diluted. This is not a business in the traditional sense; it will never make me a millionaire, you have to insanely love music to do what I do. I get to meet fascinating people, make good friends and bring a huge amount of joy and emotion to people through their shared love of music.

Thirdly, if you have travelled to see us and hear our wonderful equipment then it is only fair that we give you the full benefit of our experience and knowledge, we do not simply leave you in a room and go and deal with other customers. In our opinion a high street shop cannot provide the level of service that good equipment requires, which is why we are “by appointment only”. You will never served by someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about!

We can arrange to pick you up from the airport and bring you to our demonstration suite where you can take your time and relax and most importantly listen.

So, if you are tired of the high pressure sales pitch in the cities of tall buildings and even loftier attitudes, grab a selection of your favourite discs or LPs and come and hear our systems in a civilised and relaxed atmosphere. Not having a high street salon also cuts our expenditure, savings that we do our best to pass on to you.

We have a well chosen selection of the world’s best hi-fi.
To be selected by us a manufacturer has to do several things to an exceptional level:

Sound Quality

In short if the manufacturers products are not significantly better than their competitors more expensive products they are not for us, We do not stock run of the mill products and we do not stock products from companies who buy market share by spending more money on marketing than product development.

The difference this makes is simply staggering, so come and be amazed!
If however you want a product where the dealer is on huge margins and the company is more concerned with advertising than developing and designing product then there are plenty of shops that will satisfy you. After all if you buy enough advertising in magazines you won’t get a bad review will you!