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Price Match
Whenever you shop with Sensus Audio we want you to know you're getting a great deal. The Sensus Audio Price Match is your assurance that you're never paying too much for any of our new products. If an authorized reseller overseas is offering a new product we stock at a lower price, we will match it*.

In addition if you find yourself torn between one of our products and a similar product from a different manufacturer or dealer, we will try to match their deal on price. Then you only have to worry about picking the right product for you.

*Subject to import costs and currency fluctuations. Some exclusions apply.

Trade-in Information
Sensus Audio will accept any product that we have sold as a trade in and will consider all other products as detailed below.

Any trade-in must be in good working order and unblemished cosmetic condition, and should include owner's manuals, original packing and sales receipt and any service papers if applicable.

We will use the current market sales as a reference to quote you approximate value figures. All trade-ins have to be received and inspected by us prior to final evaluation and binding quotes. People will not pay as much for a second hand product regardless of whether it is a week old or 5 years old, remember that as soon as your new car leaves the dealer you have lost thousands of dollars from the value, this is one of the reasons we have excellent demonstration facilities and a Home Loan service. To help you get it right first time.

Home Demonstration
We would be very happy to give you a private opportunity to hear the product of your choice in your own system.

Full Payment will be taken whilst the product is on loan and will be refunded upon its return. Provided the product has not been damaged whilst on loan. You are totally responsible for the product whilst it is on loan.