Loudspeaker Setup

Are you getting the best from your current Hi-Fi?

One of the critical jobs in setting up your hifi is correct placement of the loudspeakers. Rather than re-hash work that has gone before regarding room sizes, types and positioning we decided to link to the articles on the web that we have found to be the most informative and well written on the subject. Of the loudspeakers that we sell, we would prefer that you to speak to us in person regarding the setup of Acapella and Kharma loudspeakers as they are a more unique case. Electrostatics and Ribbon speakers are also unique cases.

Let me part with this comment, you are most certainly limiting the performance available from your hifi if you have not spend a fair amount of time following one of the available methodologies or even better trying several to find the one which works best for you. As you have spent a fair amount of money on your loudspeakers why would you then settle for 70% of the performance available.

Top Tip: Be certain your speakers are precisely aligned. Without a doubt, the most commonly overlooked and/or under appreciated issue in audio is speaker alignment. Most everyone can realize further sonic gains by careful attention to placement and alignment. Millimeters matter, and it is critical that one take the time to insure locating and set-up have been fully optimized. It would be difficult to overstate the importance that a small change can make here.Also pay special attention to insuring that each speaker be located exactly the same distance from the listener.

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