“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” was the message inscribed on John Keats’ Grecian urn in his famous ode. And as there can be no authentic elegance without simplicity, there can be no authentic beauty without sincere truth … and no authentic truth without sincere beauty.

By this modest philosophy we strive toward virtue in our endeavors to create and otherwise cultivate a collection of audio products worthy of ownership, for which the pursuit of musical beauty is irretrievably entangled with the pursuit of musical truth.

Stereolab is not a purveyor of boxes of commoditized “stuff,” nor “product of the month.” Rather, it is a roof under which a philosophy is tended. We share Keats’ fascination for the intertwinings of soul, eternity, art, and nature and believe that this nexus is revealed when we are deeply immersed in the truth and beauty of exquisite music.

Stereolab / The Signal Collection, LLC
Atlanta, GA USA
tel: +1 678.528.8077