Einstein Audio Elektronik

If it wasn't by providence, it sure was by lucky coincidence that all of EINSTEIN’s employees turned out to be enthusiastic music listeners who had devoted themselves early on in life to music and its playback technologies to come with profund backgrounds in various electronic circuits, concepts and design approaches.

To remain satisfied with our own creative developments, we do not make a single component that has been strategically developed to a certain price point or with specific features that would cater to the mass market.

At EINSTEIN, we develop products instead that elicit joy and stimulate forgetfulness from the daily grind – products we want to own ourselves. Good music, whether during a live performance or at home with a high-quality stereo, is part of a well-lived life.

EINSTEIN Audio Elektronik focuses exclusively on the creation of audio component which personally enthrall us with their simplicity and elegance both in the sonica and aesthetic dimensions. We are pleased to know that other people share our convictions, enjoy our components as much as we do and thus enable us to live out our calling.

15 years ago, EINSTEIN Audio Elektronik developed its first HiFi component, a transitor amplifier that was brought to market under The Amp designation in 1990. It earned high praise in Europe and Asia and remained on the bestseller lists of numerous audio publications for years. With over 2,200 units sold, it became the first bona fide classic in EINSTEIN’s product line. This was followed by the development of a belt-drive CD player that exhibited the same musical qualities as our accoladed amplifier. Both components remained in the line more or less unchanged for over six years and have become true classics, maintaining their value as few other components have managed since. As early as 1996, work began on our valve linestage The Tube. It was introduced in 1998, two years later.

Based on its innovative circuitry and exceptional sonics, this product caused quite a stir in the press and with music lovers around the globe. Further developments of additional tube components followed. Without exception, they all have garnered exceptional recognition with professionals and music lovers alike, something we’re particularly proud of.

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