About Sensus Consulting

Why Sensus Consulting is your best choice for consumer audio business consulting

Plain and simple, Sensus Consulting is about experience—not in only one or two segments of the consumer audio industry, but in every aspect of the industry.

The leader of the Sensus Consulting team is Murali Murugasu, whose career spans both retailing and manufacturing. Murugasu founded and continues to operate Sensus Audio, Australia’s premier high-end audio specialist dealership. In his work with Sensus Audio, he has mastered the art of identifying and attracting customers. He has perfected his ability to fine-tune a product mix for a desired demographic. And he has achieved a complete knowledge of what it takes to run a successful retail operation.

He also co-founded and serves as President and CEO of two of the most acclaimed high-end audio manufacturers of the last decade: Continuum Audio Labs and Constellation Audio.

Continuum Audio Labs created the Caliburn, perhaps the most acclaimed turntable in the history of the audio business. With the Caliburn, Murugasu pioneered the concept of an audio “dream team,” combining the efforts of the world’s best engineers from numerous subspecialties rather than relying on just one or two in-house engineers. He also figured out how to sell—and most important, make money with—a product that costs $150,000, more than any other in its category.

Constellation Audio applies the same “dream team” concept to multiple complete lines of audio electronics, including amplifiers, preamplifiers, and digital audio source devices. By developing and managing a team of ultra-high-quality specialist suppliers stretching halfway around the world, Murugasu has delivered products acclaimed by the most influential reviewers and opinion leaders on four continents.

Of course, because no man can do everything, or do everything well, Murugasu has recruited a team of top design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing professionals around the world to assist him in his efforts. Yet to his clients, all of this is transparent; they enjoy the simplicity of dealing with Murugasu while he does the rest.

With just one phone call or e-mail to Sensus Consulting, you can start the process of turning even the most basic audio product ideas into successful businesses.