Distribution & Marketing

Finding not only the best way to sell your product, but the best way for every region

Even the greatest audio product in the world can succeed only if it has the right distribution. Yet distribution that is right for one part of the world may be wrong for another region. Consumers in one country may prefer a direct, Internet-based sales method. In another country, they might be comfortable only with an in-person demonstration. Every country and region has its own media outlets, its own key influencers, its own business norms, its own general buying preferences.

Fortunately, Sensus Consulting—with its unique combination of manufacturing and retailing experience—has unparalleled expertise in the distribution and marketing of audio products. No matter what region or country you plan to target with your distribution and marketing efforts, we can guide you in maximizing sales and efficiency.

While Sensus Consulting can handle just about any distribution and marketing task you might require, here are a few of the key services we provide:

Selecting the best distribution method for your product
Advising on appropriate distribution methods for different regions and countries
Finding the best distributors and dealers in each region
Creating affordable, effective marketing plans tailored to your products and to each region in which you sell
Help in managing advertising, PR, social media efforts, trade show programs, dealer training, and other marketing programs

Although creating great products is important (and we can help with that, too), it’s just as challenging and vital to manage the complicated path from the factory’s loading dock to the consumer’s living room. Sensus Consulting can provide invaluable assistance with any steps in that chain. Or if you prefer, just leave the entire process up to us.