Product Development

Product development that reaches beyond the specs

Sensus Consulting offers the unique combination of product development expertise, marketing expertise, and retail expertise.

With every product we develop, we think not only about design and engineering, but also about how the decisions made in product development affect the rest of the business chain. Many consultants can tell you what features and designs might be appealing. We can tell you that, of course. But we can also tell you so much more:

Which features distributors, dealers and end users will demand
The features and design elements that will be valued next year—even though they’re almost unknown today
Which features you can afford to leave out
How to cut production costs without sacrificing performance or design
How to turn an uninspired design into one that outshines the competition

Sensus Consulting can work with your existing engineering and design team—or find you the right engineers and designers if you don’t already have them. If a key technology falls outside your team’s capabilities, we can hook you up with the best, most reliable third-party suppliers.

In short, Sensus Consulting can help you create products that will both build your brand and grow your company’s financial success.