Our philosophy on cables is quite simple but it is a difficult subject.

We have some core beliefs:

All cables make a difference, from the wall to the speakers, every link is important.
Cables should be treated as components, not simply accessories.
Cables should not be used as tone controls for inferior or mismatched equipment.

The cables that we sell are neutral, they neither add nor compensate for imperfect equipment. If there are weaknesses in the components or recordings you will hear them. The irony is that if the weakness is in the recording, then it is transmitted, but at the same time you are getting more of the original signal coming through undistorted so it is more enjoyable as a result.

If you are using cables as a filter then you have more basic system needs that need to be addressed before changing the cables. Remember that not all expensive components are good components, sometimes a component upgrade is more satisfying in the long term.

Stereolab offers the best value reference audio cables in the world in their Studio line. The Reference line is also superb.