Why Sensus?

Why not take a step back from your hifi system at the moment and ask yourself, why did I get into hifi in the first place?

Chances are it was all about the music, right?

Now ask yourself, do you spend your time listening to the music or listening to the system?

Far too many audiophiles have gotten into the hobbit (ok habit but we are near New Zealand so some sort of LOTR reference was needed) of listening to their systems rather than listening to the music.

Why is this, perhaps you started at the cheaper end of things where faults were all too apparent and easy to point out and ever since it was simply habit? Maybe you wanted to feel that you were getting every ounce of detail out of the recording, but was that at the expense of the musicality of the whole performance.

Perhaps it is simply that your system is not matched well, the signs of this are that you don’t get drawn into the performance, it doesn’t hold your attention, you spend your listening time thinking I want bass that hits me in the stomach, I want cymbals that shimmer, a saxophone that soars, and the foot tapping boogie factor.

Our goal is to present the most natural true to life performance that is possible using the best equipment available today. The performance will draw you in and the illusion will be so complete that you will not have time to listen to the system, only the musicians.

We cannot have the performers in the room but we guarantee you that we can paint an illusion so beguiling that you will get much closer to the live event that you thought was possible from a Hi-Fi system.

Music is one of the few common things across mankind, common to all cultures, we do what we can to make your system more musical, from tweaking with a ceraball to amazing systems from our systems pages. Hopefully we make you reflect on why you love music and what you love about music.

I don't know about you but I feel a vinyl session coming on.