Customer Care

Here at Sensus Audio we have sophisticated products from the affordable to the sublime that may be unfamiliar to you. But please relax. Our utmost priority is to make you comfortable and satisfied. Our low-key, friendly staff will start by carefully listening to your needs.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, great! We'll set it up for your evaluation, show you how to use the equipment, and periodically check on you to see if you need anything. Or perhaps you'd like a guided demonstration, illustrating aspects of a system. We'll sit down with you while you listen or leave you to your own devices if you prefer. If you'd like an in-depth explanation of anything we will do our best to assist. We will offer opinions and recommendations if you ask but we don’t try and force our opinions on you. During this evaluation you'll have exclusive use of the room.

Our systems are setup and specifically tailored to your requirements so a chat before hand is always welcome. Our rooms have different sizes and acoustic properties. We can pick a room that closely simulates your room at home. We can also select electronics, speakers, and cables to suit your individual preferences or rely on our judgement. Our clients tell us that they haven't experienced this type of environment or level of service elsewhere.

Please call us to let us know when you're coming, we will setup a system for you in advance and let it heat up. That way, you don’t have to watch us do the setup.

We can even have your room analysed for acoustic treatment to make sure you are getting the most from the equipment.

And while we are happy to sell you something, what we are most interested in is building long-term relationships based upon mutual respect and trust. In return we will do our utmost to help you get the best from your ststem.