About Sensus

We are the premier Australian high end HiFi dealer. We are not pretentious or arrogant we are simply stating a fact. Does that mean that we sell the most equipment or have the highest turnover? NO, it means that we have the experience and knowledge to bring you closer to the sound of real musical instruments. Many of our manufacturers compare their products to live musicians because they feel that comparison with their peers is now pointless, we agree.


Business consulting specifically for the audio industry

Sensus Consulting is unlike any other business consultancy in the world because we focus our efforts where our expertise is: the consumer audio industry.

Our business concepts, contacts and ideas emerged from decades of experience in the global consumer audio industry. We believe this approach works much better than tailoring generic ideas to specific industries, as most business consultancies do.


Sensus Audio portfolio. We carefully assemble the best equipment, getting as close to reality as possible within the individual’s budget. The overriding criteria is always superior sound quality with aesthetics and service providing the best possible illusion of reality for our customers.


Trying to help you get the best from your current Hi-Fi!

Many people have preconceived ideas about all aspects of HiFi, from what it should do to how the hell a power cable or stand can make a difference. I have one word of advice, do not get an argument, let the dealer demonstrate the product, cable or stand and listen without prejudice.